• Bitcoin Foundation: Bitcoin to be standardized

    Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director Jon Matonis reiterated this position: The Bitcoin Foundation has provided insight into the priority list for the next six months and announced that the Bitcoin code, Bitcoin symbol and Bitcoin units will be standardized. The group presented the rough plans as early as June, when they were looking for volunteers in the community for the measures. … Keep reading
  • Blockchain technology: discrepancy between cryptosoft and reality still great

    Blockchain technology does not withstand evidence-based analysis of actual benefit. As a new study shows, there is a veritable gap between promise and reality when it comes to concrete applications for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). This is the conclusion of a study published by merltech.org on December 1. MERL, which stands for Monitoring (Control), Evaluation (Assessment), Research (Research) and Learning … Keep reading
  • Bitcoin loophole: The dead live longer – The situation on Wednesday

    Bitcoin has crashed, the prices of the Altcoins are falling. The prevailing media opinion: Bitcoin is dead. But is that true? A look at the status quo. The situation on Wednesday. Times of crisis not only at Bitcoin loophole Crash, sales panic, strong dump: The descriptions of the situation on the Bitcoin loophole crypto market speak for themselves. What is … Keep reading
  • It’s done: Real payments via Coingate via the Bitcoin Lightning Network

    With a new implementation CoinGate makes payments possible via the Bitcoin Lightning Network (Live). This relieves the Bitcoin blockchain especially in the area of micro transactions. Bitcoin is still struggling with scaling. Why, so the common objection, should I pay with Bitcoin formula? That takes far too long. In addition, the transaction fees are too high. This is nonsense, especially … Keep reading
  • What will be the next big Bitcoin Prize event?

    HOME PAGE CRYPTO BITCOIN WHAT WILL BE THE NEXT BIG BITCOIN PRICE EVENT? For the digital currency, the summer was anything but relaxing. First the big debate about the effects of the UK’s EU withdrawal (BREXIT) on the Bitcoin course and then the hoped-for Bitcoin boom due to the block halving in July. Not to mention the hacker attack on … Keep reading
  • UBS plans blockchain project

    HOME TECH BLOCKCHAIN UBS PLANT BLOCKCHAIN PROJECT Shortly after the release of the crypto futures, the major Swiss bank UBS announces a new platform on a block-chain basis. The aim is to make communication with other companies easier and more efficient. The advantages for crypto trader are obvious Banks that will use the Ethereum Smart Contracts for crypto trader to … Keep reading
  • Allianz Chief Advisor El-Erian on Bitcoin news: Cashless society will produce state cryptos

    Cashless companies could promote the issuance of state crypto currencies, according to the forecast of Mohamed El-Erian, Chief Economic Advisor of Allianz Insurance. In an interview with CNBC this week, he highlighted the global trend towards cashless payment. Especially Sweden is on its way to a cashless society. State-controlled crypto currency, on the other hand, could play an important role … Keep reading
  • Drugs, weapons, human trafficking: Why crypto currencies are not the problem

    A leading official of the US Secret Service has called on Congress to regulate privacy coins. The aim is to prevent anonymous crypto currencies such as ZCash, Monero or ZCoin from financing the trade in drugs, people or weapons. From Cain, Abel and classical symptom control. Crime has existed since the beginning of mankind This began shortly after creation. After … Keep reading